DIY Wedding Gift Ideas

The wedding ceremony, dancing, catering, and music are the main events. For the visitors, whether it be the newlyweds’ friends or family, it is a fun experience to share and a memorable time.

But I’m sure the happy couple in question is looking forward to and really thrilled for the Big Day. But do you know what they anticipate before the wedding the most?

All of their friends give them wedding presents. However, it might be simple to choose a gravy boat or waffle maker and call it a day when choosing the present.

Alternatively, selecting from a registry is still acceptable but is lacking something. Where is the thoughtful personal touch to convey to the couple that you took great care in choosing the ideal present for them?

Here are some DIY wedding present suggestions for you to consider in order to participate in the gift-giving process.

Song lyric art

Pretty prints made by blogger A Beautiful Mess would make wonderful homemade wedding presents. Find the music that the couple danced to on their first date, or another memorable line, then spell it out in vinyl letters on a prepared canvas.

Peel the letters apart after applying a light layer of spray paint to reveal the patterned text. You may make a gift with greater sentimental value than anything on the couple’s register in under 30 minutes, especially these wedding registry items that everyone later regrets asking for.

DIY Painted Wood Cut Platter

This charming handcrafted wood platter resembles a piece of art but also serves well as a serving tray. Serving ware was among my most treasured kitchen possessions when I first got married since it seemed like we were continually hosting guests.

This tray is adaptable and will undoubtedly be used in both professional and informal contexts. This easy DIY project only only a few dollars to build and is perfect for cheese or meats, a tray for nuts or other snacks.

DIY Personalised Tray

A black tray may be transformed into a unique, considerate, and stylish wedding present. That is exactly what may be made of this black serving tray. To spell out the couple’s last name, you will need to cut piece of the vinyl. If you like, you may also remove the day of their wedding.

To help moving the letters to the tray simpler, use transfer tape like this. Then, align the letters and push the glue into place after removing the paper. You can pretty much stop there to create a stunning DIY tray.

Memorable Map

With this handmade wedding present from Delightfully Noted, you can keep track of the couple’s origins, how they met, and places of marriage. Simple enough: Map shapes may be cut out and covered with Mod Podge before being attached to colored cardboard and frames.

You may create the happy couple other enjoyable crafts besides homemade wedding presents. Use that extra Mod Podge when the time comes to make these sweet homemade baby shower presents.

DIY Geometric Coasters

When the bride and groom enjoy their coffee together over these stylish geometric coasters, they will undoubtedly think lovingly of you. These coasters cost many dollars each on Etsy and are an excellent homemade wedding present idea. For less than $10, you may put together a set, which you should proudly present to the happy couple.

DIY Gift Using Cricut Explore Air

What about a box frame filled with lovely paper flowers for decoration? It may be customized with the newlyweds’ last name and wedding date!

You’re halfway there if you have your Cricut Explore Air 2 set up. Additionally, you’ll need a shadow frame, some red-tone cardboard paper, and a hot glue gun.

Depending on the size of the frame and the size of your completed flowers, you’ll need a lot of flowers. You should have no trouble using your Cricut Explore Air for that.

Patterned Plates

Even if there are a few instances of permanent marker plates, nothing comes close to Always Wear Your Invisible Crown’s cutting-edge, original design. Simple forms should be drawn using a black permanent marker on a porcelain plate before being placed in a 300°F oven for around 15 minutes. If you can, make a set of eight.

Wire Wrapped Serving Utensils

I’m surprised by how much I like having beautiful salad tongs. It may seem like an afterthought, but if you enjoy eating and presenting salads, what you use toss them with is important. Over the years, I’ve collected a number of interesting wooden salad bowls and pairs of attractive tongs.

Give the newlyweds a set they can treasure and enjoy for many years. For the loveliest forks and salad spoons, this playful set incorporates antique-inspired beads or even actual vintage beads and jewels. This is one of my favorite projects to make for anyone, whether they are married or not. It is a unique DIY wedding gift idea that you can be sure you won’t find anywhere else.

Pressed Herb Candles

There is no such thing as too many scented candles. So why not offer newlyweds six pressed herb candles? If they’re just setting up their new house, they’d make a great addition.

Choose from thyme, rosemary, lavender, or chamomile to choose your herbs. Each herb has a particular function: rosemary to increase energy and focus, lavender to promote relaxation, etc.

Then, start some candle wicks similar to these with some beeswax or soy wax and some glass jars from this location. While melting the wax, use caution!

Blackboard Glasses

These DIY wedding presents from Always Order Dessert, which include built-in drink “tags,” are perfect for newlyweds who entertain. How to: Apply a coat of blackboard spray paint to glass bases and wrap painter’s tape over stems. Give a beautiful bottle of wine as an added wedding present. (Unsure about the best bottle to give? These wines are the greatest for any health requirement.)

Modern Oil And Vinegar Bottles

I’m avoiding a lot of manufactured foods in an effort to eat healthily. I’m getting back to the fundamentals, and a good place to start is by just dressing my salads with oil and vinegar. These ingredients are nice to have available on my counter. However, they must be adorable if they’re going to hang around on my counter.

So I made a few basic bottles that I bought at Target for $4 apiece my own. These bottles have a clean, contemporary appearance thanks to the simple inscriptions in stark white. They look really European on my counter, and it was extremely simple. These homemade oil and vinegar bottles make excellent presents.

Wood Pallet Coaster

Coasters made from rustic wood pallets are simple to build and look fantastic on coffee tables. Just a few extra-large popsicle sticks will do. Grab these 3/8-inch dowel rods while you’re shopping so you can support the coaster on all sides. They’ll add more support and assist your coasters become more durable. Distress the popsicle sticks to give them a pallet-like appearance to make it even more rustic.

Marker Mug

Does he like one or two lumps of sugar in his morning coffee? What kind of tea does she prefer? Create customized mugs using this simple A Beautiful Mess activity as homemade wedding presents. Buy two porcelain cups (or give eight for a whole set), draw on them with a permanent marker, and bake. DIY enthusiasts would enjoy creating these Christmas gifts.

DIY Welcome Mat

Next week, one of my coworkers will be getting married, and I have no clue what on earth to purchase them as a wedding present. Then I realized that we are all spending more time outside than indoors at this time of year. With this attractive welcome mat, keep the threshold dividing the two functional and cheerful.

To make this masterpiece, I utilized some paint that I had lying around and a rope matt that I bought from Target. It looks fantastic on their new front porch, and they adored it.

Tassel Wall Hanging

When you have this chic and contemporary tassel wall hanging, who needs stuffy paintings and towering wall decor? It’s the ideal housewarming and wedding present, too!

This wood dowel and circular wood beads are all you’ll need. Grab your sewing and creative items as well as your go-to glue gun, and get started. Whatever the newlyweds like, you may go all-black with the threads or make it exciting and colorful.

Paint-Dipped Pots

With this two-second project from The Lovely Cupboard, put leftover paint samples to good use. Turn flower pots upside down and paint the undersides of them while twisting them just enough for some paint to fall over the edge. Let dry on a piece of newspaper, upside-down. Give them a plant for their home that they can look after jointly. If you’ve got the crafting itch, take a look at these adorable projects you can complete in a single day.

DIY Cheese Knives

When hosting, a nice cheese dish is a must at my place. As my friends and family will attest, they’ve been my go-to throughout the years since they’re simple to make (just buy some items, arrange them on a plate, and you’re done! ), and they also look spectacular when finished. You can bet that I’ll be putting together a cheese plate or two over the upcoming holidays, so I made myself a new pair of homemade cheese knives to go with the spread.

The handles are shaped like gems and painted a dark, somber blue-green color, making them ideal for Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as all the other celebrations along the road. The handles were inspired by faceted crystals.

Painted Dishes

In a new house, there can never be too many mugs and glasses. Give these dishwasher-safe painted cups to newlywed friends who are setting up their new kitchen, perhaps? Purchase some white coffee or tea mugs first. Also required are some porcelain paints similar to these.

Start painting your cups after grabbing your paintbrush. When you’re through, just bake the dishes to make them dishwasher-safe. Your homemade wedding present is complete when you tie a bow around it.

Watercolor Pillows

With this straightforward how-to from Brit + Co., you can make some throw pillows for your pals as a gift. Draw patterns on cotton pillows with permanent markers in different colors. To produce a bleeding look, drench a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and trace along your design.

Metallic Salt And Pepper Shakers

The accessories are one aspect of kitchen design that is sometimes disregarded, but in our opinion, they are what truly separate a blah kitchen from a great kitchen. Get thrilled, then. We’re going to teach you how to convert your silver salt and pepper shakers into stylish mixed-metal containers in only five minutes! Let’s just say that our really quick DIY won’t ruin your style.

Gold Dipped Jewelry Tray

A girl can never have too much jewelry, and there are also never enough trays and boxes in which to store it. A gold-plated tray is the ideal wedding present for the bride because of this.

Take a can of gold spray paint and some painter’s tape first. Your tray will also be necessary. Set up some newspapers, tape off the area you don’t want to paint, and then start spraying the gold paint.

Gold Honey Bear Vase

You can make beautiful gilded vases by recycling honey bottles the way A Beautiful Mess does. All you need is a bear-shaped container that has been carefully cleaned, a paintbrush, gold leaf, and ten minutes. Need it sooner? Instead, choose metallic gold spray paint. Send the couple a note with some expert suggestions for extending the life of flowers so they may enjoy them in your vase for as long as possible.

DIY Knot Pillow

This plush, knotted pillow is so soft and malleable that you don’t even need to touch it to know that. On a couch, armchair, bed, or simply as a decorative item on a windowsill, it works wonderfully as a toss cushion.

They make wonderful wedding presents too. You’ll need some elastic fabric and dry polyester fiber filler in addition to the standard sewing necessities of needles, thread, and scissors.

Magnet Silhouette

For those who are skilled with scissors, here is a unique wedding present: For a fun fridge addition, silhouette the happy couple and perhaps their dog as well. Eden Passante of Sugar and Charm prints out a picture of a person, cuts it out, and then traces it onto magnet sheets. After a few cuts, your profile will be flawless.

Striped Gold Foil Wooden Bowl

This wooden bowl would make an excellent wedding present, regardless of whether you want to use it as a fruit dish or a key holder. Don’t you think the gold foil adds a touch of sophistication?

A soft-bristled paintbrush and a standard paintbrush should both be located for the gold foil. The only other supplies you’ll require are glue and some painter’s tape.

You have two design options: wild or traditional stripes. Simply divide the space into sections and secure the foil there with the adhesive.

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