Framed Poster Board

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re looking for a better way to hang your artwork than either attaching it to the wall or putting it in a pre-made frame. Have you have a number of prints that need to go up but weren’t framed? Or are you sick of the continual echo and the lack of visual interest? It’s your safe sanctuary.

We have provided you with the greatest DIY poster frame ideas. By following these instructions, you’ll get one step closer to hanging your frame.

DIY Movie Frame

The majority of us may recall the times when entering the cinema was accompanied by the delightfully warm aroma of fresh popcorn, searching the aisle for our preferred seat, or leaving knowing we had seen a terrific film. With this DIY movie poster frame, you can now create your own special memory. With corrugated cardboard, duct tape, a chosen poster, and a fluorescent bulb assembly with switch. You can have this awesome home decoration for for $15.

Easy DIY Poster Frame

This fast instruction is for you in case you’re unsure how to proceed. You can complete this poster frame in under an hour with the help of the following tools: a miter saw, glue, paint, poster board, picture frame hooks, staples, masking tape, and a staple gun.

DIY Floating Frame

Artwork with floating frames seems to be floating inside the frame rather than crushed behind glass, giving your piece dimension and increasing visual intrigue. This guide will show you how to create your own elegant floating frame for less than $20, compared to the hundreds of dollars it may cost to buy one brand-new.

DIY Pallet Frame

You’ll surely fall in love with this tutorial the moment you set eyes on it! A wood pallet post frame created by the inventive minds of My Fabulous Life is fantastic for showcasing priceless artwork and more. The structure is incredibly strong and has a square form. For this project, a power drill, an electric screwdriver, and a hammer are suggested tools.

Your favorite posters, paintings, and artwork may be displayed on a huge, durable pallet wood frame. We’ve produced a guide to teach you how to get this retro appearance without going over budget, inspired by mid-century architecture and furniture.

DIY Poster Frame Tutorial

This is a really interesting method to hang up your poster, and it’s the ideal do-it-yourself project for sprucing up your walls and showcasing lovely artwork. Find an artwork that you adore and the location where you want it to display it to complete this lovely piece. Observe the hues and textures that surround it as well. Just a few pieces of wood and a stain that goes with your present color scheme are required.

Shadow Box DIY

Almost anything may be displayed with a shadow box, including medals from your school or a winter landscape like the one in this lesson. A pre-made shadow box is available at your neighborhood craft shop.


With the help of an old window, some leftover wood, and a few other interesting things, Julia walks you through the process of making a do-it-yourself antique poster frame. It’s the ideal method to display your prized posters, postcards, or works of art! Displaying your favorite images or posters is chic and affordable with this DIY vintage poster frame. The size and color scheme are completely customizable to meet your needs (or d├ęcor!) after which you may paint it whatever color you like. Numerous design options are available if you follow her instructions at Chris Loves Julia!

DIY Poster Frames

Are you sick of having your room wall give you a lifeless stare? It must hurt your eyes to be looking at nothing beautiful. The good news is that you can now frame those prints that have been gathering dust and give your area the elegance it deserves. Simply cut some wood to size, glue the pieces together, apply stain, then add the poster to complete the frame.

Clothespin Frames

This is a chic and distinctive way to display pictures, art prints, or even antique postcards in your house. This DIY is basic and appropriate for beginners since it uses materials that are simple to locate, such as plywood, clothespins, and sticky image strips.

How To Frame A Poster For Less Than $10

With the aid of this how-to design guide, keep your rare, antique concert poster or art print safe. Everything you need to know about framing is covered in depth, including advice on selecting the right poster board and backing boards, preparing the wood for cutting using templates, routing and edge-treating with a router table, creating a floating mount for framed posters, and finishing the project with a clear finish.

DIY Large Scale Picture Frame

Since large-scale prints are not an option and conventional framing may be rather pricey. It can be necessary to think about making one for yourself while maintaining the visual appeal of your home or area. You may start the process of making yours only using these supplies. A white illustration board, an acrylic sheet, a spray mount, a straightedge and a utility knife, four wood boards, a pencil, a tape measure, a miter box, a sanding block, four corner braces, a drill and bit, wood glue, paint, turn buttons, and a huge picture hanger.

Wooden Hanging Picture Frames

This DIY is for you if you need a cute method to show off your designs but don’t have much time to devote to making things. This contemporary hanging frame may be made in five minutes with a few pieces of wood, rope, and glue.

DIY Vintage Classroom Posters

Learn how to make poster frames in the style of old posters to spice up your classroom or kid’s playroom. It’s not difficult to make these DIY vintage-inspired classroom poster frames. Take an old frame from a thrift shop, cut out a silhouette with a pencil, and replace it with a character from one of these Printshop stickers.

DIY Wood Frame For Large Posters

You don’t want to glue your lovely poster to the wall and have it hang there looking miserable, am I right? Cheers to a space that is more attractive since this simple article will show you how to make a lovely frame.

Budget-Friendly Way to Frame Big Posters and Prints

Big posters and prints may be affordably framed using this stylish plexiglass finish, which just requires a poster, some construction paper, adhesive dots, and of course. The plexiglass finish on this do-it-yourself project gives it an attractive appearance while yet keeping the expense down. You can do the simple task in no more than 10 minutes.

Simple DIY Poster Frame

An affordable substitute for fine art is to use a great poster and make a frame for it. It’s a simple procedure that doesn’t take much effort. Simply buy flat wood molding and cut it to size. Stain the wood after that. Poster and loop should be stapled to the wood’s back. Hang up.

DIY Box Frame Mirror

Not just prints may be displayed in frames. Consider creating a do-it-yourself box frame for your mirror as you renovate your bathroom. As demonstrated in this lesson, the frame functions as additional storage space where you may keep soap dispensers and hang plants.

DIY Rustic Poster Frame

Choose wood planks in the length and thickness you want to create a rustic photo frame. Using a palm router and rabbet bit, smooth away any rough edges. The edges and ends of the wood boards should then be covered with a thin coating of wood glue. Place the mending plates side by side on the back. When assembling the picture frame sides, this will create extra room for when you attach the picture frame rails. With carefully spaced drywall screws, secure them. This can be done before you glue your boards together, but it will be difficult to do it once the rails are already fastened.

DIY Jewelry Holder Frame

You may use photo frames to exhibit jewelry in addition to images, which is obviously a terrific idea. Find an antique, sizable picture frame when thrifting. Then, to keep all your wonderful jewelry, use a screen or chicken wire that you can get at a home improvement store. These jewelry carriers look amusing and speed up getting dressed.

DIY Poster Frame

This is a straightforward, inexpensive DIY poster frame that looks lovely on any wall. There are no technological requirements; all you need are the fundamentals. To begin, you should prepare these; Wood: 5 cm wide by 1 cm thick pine (for the triangle corners), 8 cm wide by 1 cm thick pine, mitre, saw, hammer, sandpaper, paintbrush, stapler, pin nails, wood glue, wood stain, varnish, poster, cardboard, and gluestick.

Easy DIY Custom Framing

It turns out that you can make your own bespoke frames at home for less money than you would pay at a frame shop. You won’t need to use any power equipment to complete the job thanks to this simple tutorial.

DIY Metal Framed Movie Posters

Use this kind of metal frame to create your own DIY frame. These metal frames will be assembled for you after being cut to particular requirements. Pictures are placed inside the frame, giving you a unique collection of frames that turn out beautifully. Create models of your favorite people, places, presidents, historical figures, fictitious army robots, or pretty much anything else you want to exhibit. You now possess a complete collection of frames that will look fantastic in your living room or the upstairs cinema room. You will undoubtedly like constructing it, and it will be a great DIY poster frame idea.

Hanging Frame DIY

Our favorite aspect of this DIY is how simple it is to switch out the images, which is ideal for those of us who like to switch up our decor regularly. It just takes an hour (or less) to do this project, and all the materials can be bought at your neighborhood hardware or craft shop.

Zombie Movie Frame

This poster frame is the perfect addition to your man cave since it looks just like the boarded-up windows from Call of Duty’s “Zombies” mode. It seems decayed and like zombies attacked you because of the broken wooden planks and corroded nails. With a little help from your hammer and staining abilities, hang your zombie poster behind the window board; that will be sure to frighten anybody who dares inside. This frame is a fantastic present for gamers and series lovers and will bring vitality and elegance to any living or media space.

Transparent Photo Frames

When you want to frame anything but your frames are a little too big, a wonderful hack is to make your own translucent frames. You can make your print fit while yet looking quite elegant by using a few simple techniques.

DIY Poster Frame Tutorial

Beautiful artwork looks fantastic when displayed in poster frames. Here is a guide on how to create one that is tailored to the size of your artwork. Select your preferred wood type, apply your preferred stain, then cut the sides, the center support, and the back piece. Putty the sides before assembling them. You now have it! Simple DIY project that highlights the artwork with some nice cuts. So go ahead and start painting anything you enjoy after gathering some pencils and art supplies from around the home. Although quite easy, you should give it a try.

DIY Painted Picture Frame

Old picture frames that need a makeover are ideal for this painted frame DIY. If you don’t already have any old frames, go to a thrift shop and buy a couple. They don’t need to be flawless because you’ll be painting them.

DIY Hidden TV Art Frame

A television in your living room is such a great luxury. How else will you be able to watch your preferred remodeling programs? But technology isn’t always enjoyable to look at. With the help of this DIY, you can conceal your TV behind a stunning work of art that will keep your room looking chic and inviting.

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