Free Platform Bed Plans

The simplest method to remove those mattresses from your bedroom flooring is with these free DIY platform bed designs. You should absolutely follow these platform bed ideas if you’re moving into a new home or apartment and planning to decorate it in a different style.

Creating a platform bed on your own might help you save a lot of money. If you’ve ever been to Home Depot, even just once, you’re aware of how expensive platform beds can be. However, these free platform bed designs allow you to save money! Why not complete this project at home and save some money? You can spend the money you’ve saved this summer in a lot more areas!

The ability to personalize a platform bed you make yourself is its finest feature. Depending on the look you’re going for, you may build it in a variety of colors and textures. If you’re trying for something minimalistic, etc., it might be really straightforward.

Easy DIY Platform Bed

Be honest with yourself about your level of experience before beginning to build your own platform bed frame. If it feels right for you, it’s acceptable to confess that you would want to follow a simple DIY platform bed idea. Fortunately, there are a variety of basic DIY platform bed plans available, such as this bed plan that just needs wood, glue, pocket hole screws, wood screws, and a drill.

Modern Farmhouse Bed

Beginning with this Contemporary Farmhouse Bed! With this design, you can’t go wrong; it meets all the requirements. This bed layout is simple to build and just takes a few hours! The Twin, Full, Standard King, and California King sizes are all included in this package! This straightforward modern farmhouse design will look fantastic with any finish! If you construct, kindly post it with #anawhite.

Easy Design

Although there isn’t much involved in building this plan, bear in mind that since you’re making something that’s fairly enormous and that needs to be as durable as possible, it could take you a little longer than usual. The person who created this post utilized a drill, a miter saw, different-sized 2x6s, screws, a level, a tape measure, a pencil, and plywood as well as other tools. For the greatest outcome, make sure you adhere to all the directions.

DIY Hailey Platform Bed

A fantastic DIY platform bed tutorial with thorough directions, measurements, and pictures! This is the ideal layout for someone who is just starting out in woodworking. Due to its ease of construction, just a few simple instruments are needed for the project at hand, including a drill, circular saw, speed square, tape measure, and speed square.

Rustic Modern 2×6 Platform Bed

All sizes and forms of platform beds are available. We have the plans you need if you want to construct a sizable platform bed on your own. A huge DIY platform bed is simple to assemble and ideal for large families or couples who want roomy beds.

Farmhouse Bed

One of my very first DIY projects to begin my carpentry career was the farmhouse bed. In actuality, this bed is here. After ten years of usage, it’s sturdy and still functional. Farmhouse beds are a classic style, and we’ve made them even simpler to assemble using straightforward building techniques—no pocket holes necessary! Today, save hundreds of dollars by constructing your own farmhouse bed! In this plan, all sizes are offered.

Extra Storage Space

This is a terrific method to add some more storage space, especially if you live in a smaller house, which is why some individuals were interested in it. With this option, you may incorporate drawers under the frame to keep some of your essential items hidden and out of the way. This choice will be somewhat raised, so there will be room for you to install as many drawers as you need to keep your belongings.

$30 Twin Platform Bed

Have a limited budget? If so, you’ve come to the correct spot! Create this low-cost DIY twin platform bed frame for about $30! What a fantastic thing! There is no need to spend a fortune on platforms from stores. The best thing is that you can build this in about an hour or so!

DIY Small Daybed

You don’t have to settle for a twin bed frame design when seeking for a compact DIY platform bed idea. Much smaller bed layouts are available, such as this DIY platform bed daybed design. The daybed is a fantastic compact space solution, whether you intend to keep it for overnight visitors or put this DIY platform bed layout in your children’s room.

Essential Bed Frame in All Sizes

This straightforward bed frame design is ideal for any bedroom, visitor room, or Air B&B. Spend less money while getting what you want! This straightforward bed frame doesn’t require a boxspring or a bed skirt. Enjoy deciding how to fill in this blank canvas! Every dimension of our basic bed frame layout is available! We have more information about this build on our Youtube channel.

High Off The Ground

In keeping with the idea of having limited storage space, this is a smart alternative if you need to make place in the room for whatever you need to put there by clearing up a little space. This person used the space this bed gave to place their son’s homemade desk. It’s a distinctive choice for people looking for something a little unusual.

King Size Platform Bed Frame

You’re going to have a ton of free time since the summer break is just around the corner. Why not build this incredible DIY king size platform bed frame that has a mid-century but contemporary look? Each of us has a space where a wood platform bed would be ideal. Clear the ground of those mattresses!

DIY King Platform Bed

As one of the biggest mattress sizes out there, inventive king bed frames might be hard to come by, but with DIY bed ideas, that’s not true at all. A DIY platform bed design is the best option for anyone who doesn’t want to give up the beauty of a bed frame for the sake of a king-size mattress since it gives you the freedom to be as inventive as you like. The best of both worlds may be had with this DIY platform bed concept.

Slatted 4 Post Farmhouse Bed

This simple farmhouse bed, with its slatted form and four-poster style, exudes a cozy, rural atmosphere. Step-by-step plans for the king and queen are offered. This design makes the bed the center of attention in a bigger, open-concept space.

Mattress With Layers

The individual who created it claimed that they had not anticipated how simple it would be to complete and how durable the finished product would be. Even while it’s normal to feel a little bit apprehensive before beginning a new project, especially if it’s something you’ve never done before, anyone, regardless of skill level, can do this. Best of all, the inventor only spent $120 on the entire project.

DIY Platform Daybed

This is the plan to use if you’re a newbie and need a really thorough, step-by-step tutorial to build a platform for your bed. If you want to take a few brief naps during the day, a daybed is the answer. You can nail it with the aid of some pine boards, furring strips, and a few tools.

DIY Queen Reclaimed Wood Platform Bed

Be aware! Compared to other DIY platform bed ideas, this salvaged wood bed frame concept demands more time, work, and energy. Although the effort will be worthwhile in the end, you should know going into this endeavor that it is better left to professionals. Keep in mind that the DIY instructions are designed for a queen-size mattress.

Modern Platform Bed Frame

One of our more simple designs to construct is the Modern Platform Plan. Every dimension is available, and it may be constructed both without a headboard and in conjunction with any headboard of your choosing! The hairpin legs add a lovely touch of modernity. We followed the same strategy when we upholstered the frame!

Unique Instructions

You probably never would have come up with this design concept yourself. You may see a twin-size choice that is located directly beneath the larger option by clicking the link. If you have roommates, a guest staying the night, young children, or just want a modest space to cuddle up with a nice book, this is a terrific choice.

Modern Farmhouse Platform Bed

Sometimes all your farmhouse needs is a dash of modernity. Even though part of the design in your house dates back to the 1950s, you may still make your area appear contemporary. by using the free plan that is included with this wooden platform bed instruction!

Farmhouse-Inspired Platform Bed Plan


Interior design with a farmhouse theme is one of the most well-liked types of home dcor. The problem is that farmhouse bed frames may be quite expensive, making it difficult for shoppers on a tight budget to realize their ambitions of owning a farmhouse platform bed frame. Because of this, making your own bed frames is a great substitute for paying exorbitant rates at stores.

Fancy Arch Bed

With this Fancy Arch Bed, make a stunning statement! If you create it, be sure to keep it basic and couple it with furnishings that don’t take away from its attractiveness. Our free blueprints will walk you through the process of creating those exquisitely constructed arches, step by step.

Gigantic Timber Plan

For those seeking a distinctive style, this is a lovely and contemporary option. The major material utilized by the individual was slab wood, which yields a robust product but also results in a very hefty construction. The result was a bed that weighed 275 pounds, which may be difficult to transfer. Therefore, it’s crucial to make sure that it is constructed in a way that makes it simple to assemble and dismantle. In any case, you’re in capable hands here.

DIY Platform Bed In Just 3 Steps

You’re just starting out and pressed for time. But nonetheless, desire to construct a magnificent platform for your bed? Simply follow these directions to create one in three easy steps! Yes! three simple steps. Making this DIY queen bed frame for your daughters won’t take much time because it is very easy and quick.

Built-In Storage DIY Platform Bed

Did you realize that building your own DIY platform bed frame may include adding storage space? Leave it to the professionals at Lowe’s to provide a thorough tutorial on how to construct a platform bed yourself with storage. This storage space DIY platform bed is perfect for anybody with intermediate abilities because it is made of plywood and is built for ease.

DIY King Size

Although not many people require a king-size bed, getting one is probably not a terrible idea if you like to move about a lot when sleeping or simply want more space to spread out. The best part is that the inventor of this specific pattern said that even those with no prior knowledge of carpentry could construct it. A fun DIY project is worth thinking about if you’re just starting out and on a tight budget because the overall cost was less than $110.

Platform Bed With Storage

Large, yes, is more storage! Except for those who own enormous mansions, everyone needs it. If you have children, you understand the anguish of finding their toys all over the place. You won’t have to worry about it again if you use this tutorial to add some extra storage to the area beneath your platform beds.

Cheap And Chic

This is undoubtedly an excellent alternative for you to consider if you want a bed that not only looks stylish, contemporary, and professional but also won’t break the bank or need a lot of time and work to create. To give it the appearance you want, you’re going to utilize cloth and foam. Simply staple the cloth on top of the foam and around it to complete the task. You may build your own headboard or just buy one from the shop; neither option is too pricey.

Mid Century Modern Platform Bed

What a lovely bed this is. Both a classic and a modern vibe may be felt in it. Additionally, a headboard is included with this platform bed. Amass your tools, such as a measuring tape, a Kreg Jig, a miter saw, a drill, a jigsaw, and a sander. The only other equipment required for this entire project is a staple gun, along with clamps, a table saw, and a planer!

Platform Twin Bed With Wheels Attached

Who knew you could add wheels to your homemade platform bed? Someone did since they created this DIY platform bed idea that provides just that, for sure! By adding wheels to your platform bed frame, you can make it simple to move around in case you ever want to rearrange your room.

This is a simple DIY project for both beginners and experts. A bed frame with wheels should never be placed in a room with wood floors. The last thing you want is for your stunning DIY platform bed to accidentally roll about.

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