Plans for Entertainment Center

A wide collection of free entertainment center plans is provided here. From easy plywood projects for your Xbox to sophisticated designs that may become the focal point of your living room, they come in all shapes and sizes.

There is an amazing variety of patterns to pick from. If you want something inexpensive, you may recycle some extra plywood or even a used playhouse for kids.

Another option is to go all out and construct a huge, elegant entertainment cabinet that is large enough to house several 60-inch flat-screen televisions, a long row of books, and even drawers for further living room organizing.

Barn Door Media Console

This entertainment center console is rather tiny, with a TV, a shelf, and two sizable doors on the top surface.

Every component of the entertainment center is color-coded in this blueprint, which makes it incredibly easy to refer to a particular instruction and see how it pertains to the whole project. It greatly simplifies the building procedure.

Specific stages with actual photographs are included in addition to the overall sketches. Using this, you may have a better sense of how the entertainment center should appear as you go.

The Simple, Customizable, Minimalistic Entertainment Center Project

It could be difficult to locate an economical entertainment center that fits your space. But do you know what isn’t difficult? With the aid of these free entertainment center designs, construct one.

The top of a picnic table is used as your enormous entertainment center; shelves are added in the spaces between the tabletop, and dowels are used to hold it in place. Eight wire hooks as well as certain power tools are also required.

You’ll get your TV entertainment stand ready in a few hours. But before you put your TV on the stand, carefully read the instructions and make sure it is sturdy.

Affordable DIY Entertainment Center

Add this priceless DIY entertainment cabinet to your living room to add style. It has a ton of storage possibilities and fantastic design proportions. To store all of your concerns, the display compartment has a ton of storage cubbies, drawers, and sub-storage cabinets all throughout.

The Smith Media Wall: Center Console

Our design, which is among the best-looking entertainment centers on this list, is intended for those who have flat-screen televisions and a need for a larger cabinet that can accommodate a large number of other objects.

This TV stand has plenty of room to store many goods like books, games, CDs, and other stuff because it is made from 14″ thick solid wood parts. Even picture frames and other display items can be placed on the open shelves.

A wood stain is used to give the media center its beautiful, rustic appearance. Keep in mind that the dynamics of this entertainment center may blend with any kind of design your home displays.

Farmhouse Media Cabinet

Here is a DIY concept for a sizable media cabinet in the farmhouse style. It has four doors with storage shelves inside and black hardware. This media center concept looks fantastic and truly makes the farmhouse appearance adaptable to whatever type the rest of your house may be.

A step-by-step building list, a tool list, a materials list, and a parts/cut list are all included in the free plan. You may get that farmhouse finish on the wooden doors with the aid of a video.

The Ammo Crate 11 Step Entertainment Center Plan

Make a tiny entertainment cabinet out of them after that. How? Thanks to this amazing design, it’s not at all difficult. The best part is that it will have a TV stand and a space for you to keep all of your DVDs and Blu-rays.

When constructing the shelves for the cabinet, the contractor advises that you consider the size of your DVDs. Additionally, the doors of the entertainment cabinet may be kept closed using magnets.

DIY Pallet Entertainment Center Tutorial

Another glitzy design for a wooden entertainment console that you can assemble at home for nothing! Plan to construct this wall-mounted media console table with a rolling table base using free pallets. You may also use the console table alone as a DIY coffee table in your living room.

The Sectional Media Storage Center Build

Large, solid wood panels and glass panels are used in this exquisitely designed plan for the cabinets. In addition to having four shelves and considerable built-in storage space within the cabinet doors, it also has a nice appearance.

Anyone who has several CDs or DVDs to keep may easily create this entertainment cabinet to suit all their storage needs. Although it does require some time and expertise to create, the work was well worth it.

Pottery Barn Knock-Off Entertainment Center

The excellent entertainment center design by Her Tool Belt includes deep drawers on both sides of the bottom and lots of room. This entertainment center’s construction is anticipated to cost $300.

The designs at Her Tool Belt provide a lot of detailed images that make it easy to comprehend what has to be done to finish the project, including the precise measurements of each item and how they all fit together.

A table detailing all the cuts required for this entertainment center is also included in the plan, along with information on the amount, length, breadth, and thickness of each item.

Near the bottom of this plan, you’ll find separate articles with instructions for building the drawers, shelves, doors, and bridge, which are all part of the entertainment center.

The Corner Console Blueprint

You might assume that this intriguing entertainment center was purchased from the nearby store when you take a look at it. However, the 60-inch flat-screen TV entertainment center is handcrafted. The design is also wonderful since it provides lots of room for storing games consoles, DVDs, and books.

There are also a few closed drawers in the space. For the construction of this home entertainment cabinet, the builder employs pine, poplar, and birth.

DIY Entertainment Center with Sliding Barn Doors

You can rapidly make countless different living room entertainment center designs at home! It is very storage-friendly to copy this entertainment center that has been integrated into the wall. The sliding barn doors complete the beauty!

The Solid Cherrywood DIY Center Design

This entertainment center is distinctive and stylish, with two cabinets and four drawers. The antique white paint applied to the lower sections of the stand gives it a rustic appearance. However, the builder advises a dark walnut finish for the top, which enhances the stand’s elegant appearance.

This stand has enough for all of your media equipment and two open shelves for consoles or CD/DVD players.

Sectional Entertainment Center

This free entertainment center plan, like the majority of others, has actual illustrations that you can use to follow along while you read the directions. You can review the cut list before you get started so you can gather all the required materials.

This particular design is for a 4.5-foot-long entertainment unit. Six shelves, as seen in the image, can be utilized to store items like DVD players and DVDs. The wires are built into a “storage” section in the back to keep them out of the way.

The Dark Wood Media Storage Center Build

This entertainment stand for the house is striking in its dark mahogany hue, simplicity, and elegance. But even it isn’t the greatest option. The doors of this entertainment center include a built-in DVD storage space. This dark wood TV stand was constructed using 3/4″ oak throughout and a Minwax mahogany finish.

However, this is a challenging job that will take you a weekend to do and is better suited for a woodworker with expertise.

Farmhouse Style TV Stand

Rock your living area as well with this wooden TV stand, which is really quick and simple to construct at home and has a fantastic farmhouse style appeal. Even utilizing salvaged wood, this do-it-yourself TV stand can be built quickly, easily, and with plenty of storage space!

The Majestic White Console Center Idea

This stand, which is intended to support flat-screen TVs, features nine open shelves in addition to four drawers and three cupboards. As one of the larger entertainment center layouts, this is most appropriate for homeowners with spacious living rooms that want a lot of storage space.

This home entertainment center is a certain way to draw lots of attention and makes a gorgeous centerpiece for any living space.

The contractor chose white latex paint and walnut stain to complete this entertainment unit. If you decide to create this, keep in mind that because to its precise dimensions, it may be a little more expensive.

The 4 Step DIY Center Plan

When purchasing an entertainment center is not an option, you might want to look at this alternative. The fact that you won’t have to start from scratch is a plus. Instead, you will construct your entertainment area with three bookcases.

The beautiful thing about this design is that it only requires you to measure your TV and then add distance to the bottom bookshelf. Then, using common wood screws, you can add the two top shelves.

DIY Tall Corner Media Console

Add this tall corner media cabinet made of repurposed wood to the living room to increase entertainment options and style—it looks fantastic in the rustic avatar! Your living area will gain a ton of storage space as a result of this!

Barn Door Media Console

Building this layout has the benefit of being on the smaller side, which makes it a suitable match for homes with little extra room. This entertainment cabinet is easy to assemble and install and has space for all of your media needs.

You may add extra shelves and fasten them with wood screws or wood glue if you like. Don’t forget to take precise measurements; failing to do so might cause stability problems.

The Primitive Pie Cabinet Center Blueprint

If you want a lengthy entertainment center to add flair to your living room, a media cabinet can be a great option. You may make the entertainment stand as deep as you like to accommodate your DVD collection; it is 72′′ x 36′′. You will receive thorough instructions from the builder, along with a shopping list and a cut list. You may use shelf pins or pocket holes for the shelves within the media center in the living room.

DIY Entertainment Center from Ammo Crates

You may repurpose a variety of reclaimed timbers that are laying around to create stunning media consoles and entertainment centers! Get motivated by the innovative style of this entertainment center fashioned out of ammunition boxes!

Louvered Door T.V. Console

The lovely wood finish and graceful design of this media cabinet will compliment both contemporary and vintage living spaces. It is stable enough to accommodate flat-screen TVs up to 55 inches because of its large base and top.

It features two enormous cabinets and three open shelves, so there is plenty of room for your books, media, speakers, or consoles. Although building it might be a little challenging, the finished product will liven up your living area.

The Contemporary Center Build

If you want an entertainment center to convert your living room into something exceptional, you’ve discovered the appropriate design. This vintage entertainment cabinet has multiple shelves and drawers for storing books, DVDs, and other miscellaneous items. It is ideal for large flat-screen TVs.

Birch plywood is used for the foundation, stain grade pine for the moulding, and select pine for the trim by the builder. You will need a lot of materials and effort, though, since this is not an inexpensive TV entertainment center.

DIY Home Entertainment Center

Installing this wall-hung entertainment center, which is packed with display shelves, storage drawers, and a large compartment for a display screen in the middle, will make outstanding aesthetic statements in your living area. Another fantastic home-built media console design!

The Turntable Console Build

This unusual media cabinet was created especially for vinyl collectors who want storage space. So if you need a turntable cum media center, this layout is great for you. It also has a shelf that is covered so you can store your turntable while it’s not in use.

The media center is created of 1″-thick, durable mahogany panels to produce its magnificent aesthetic. Additionally, a storage container is there for quick access to your vinyl supply.

How to Make Entertainment Center

You’re going to witness something amazing right here, a wall-mounted entertainment center that is actually a collection of attractive white-painted wall shelves supported by metal chains! To replicate this entertainment unit, just pick yourself some IKEA or wooden shelf boards and some metal chains!

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