Light Blanket for Summer

We eventually gave in and purchased a cooling blanket after attempting the one leg in, one leg out technique for keeping cool beneath our down comforter for far too many hot nights. Simply put: life-changing. Without increasing our body temperature, the lightweight design offered us the snug, cocooned sensation we desired. Want to join? We agreed, of course. Here are summer blankets that promise a wonderfully sweat-free night’s sleep, from the lightest comforter you’ve ever slept beneath to one constructed with unique cooling tech fibers.

A Classic Cotton Blanket With A Decorative Weave

With a 350 midrange GSM, this exquisitely woven cotton blanket is ideal for keeping warm while remaining cool. It has a sumptuous feel thanks to the dobby weave, and it’s available in a dozen hues to match your décor, whether you want bright plum, calming sage, or traditional white. It is machine washable, dryable, and according to some Amazon customers, it even grows softer with each wash.

True Temp Blanket

The cotton cover and polyester fill of this cooling blanket from Sleep Number are both blended with 37.5 cooling technology fibers, which store and release heat to keep you comfortable all night. You can match it with their top-rated bedding because it comes in five different colors. It is advised to use a big capacity dryer and dryer balls to ensure the blanket is totally dry before putting it back on your bed even if it is entirely machine washable.

A Bamboo Blanket With A Fan Following

Bamboo is a fantastic material for a summer blanket since it doesn’t retain heat and will remain cool to the touch until the sun rises. More than 7,000 customers have given this bamboo blanket five-star reviews, praising its softness and the fact that it is the ideal weight for warm weather. Not yet persuaded? This purchase is environmentally good because bamboo is an eco-sustainable crop.

Legends Luxury Egyptian Cotton Blanket

Being constructed of beautiful long-fiber Egyptian cotton, which feels wonderfully creamy against your skin, this blanket is a double winner. Two, the raised rib design throughout the blanket’s length makes it stand out against the rest of your bedding.

A Waffle Knit Blanket Made Of Bamboo & Cotton

This silky blanket combines cotton and viscose made from bamboo, two airy materials that make it ideal for warm weather. The GSM isn’t specified, but one Amazon customer called it a “soft, fluffy, lightweight blanket,” and the waffle weave makes it perfect for wicking away sweat and controlling temperature. Additionally, it is easy to maintain and machine washable.

Cooling Throw Blanket for Couch

Double-sided cooling blanket from Elegear has 100% cotton on one side and the company’s Arc-Cool cooling yarns on the other for a cool-to-the-touch experience. This blanket, which comes in three sizes and six colors, is ideal for your living area or bedroom. And it has received numerous endorsements, including an astonishing 17,000 5-star ratings on Amazon.

A Cotton Blanket With A 4.6-Star Overall Rating

Cotton is a great summer sleeping fabric, according to both Moltrasio and Zaroff, and it has an excellent overall rating of 4.3 stars. This lightweight summer blanket is made entirely of cotton and has many key superpowers, including a ton of breathability to keep you cool while you sleep and additional durability to withstand heavy use. Reviews also praise its softness, and the subdued chevron pattern gives any bed a lovely decorative touch.

Coolmax Travel Blanket

Travel sweats are a genuine thing, whether you’re on a plane or in the sky. Invest in a properly made cooling travel blanket to prevent overheating and discomfort. In order to wick away moisture and keep you cool, this choice employs CoolMax fibers that are knit into the blanket. We appreciate that it comes with a carrying case for portable usage and storage.

A Breathable Thermal-Cotton Blanket That Reviewers Love

You can feel comfortable about leaving one on the sofa, another on the bed, and a third one on the patio (because you never know where you’ll need a summer throw blanket) since this breathable summer blanket is composed of 100 percent ring-spun, breathable cotton. You may use it on your bed or just have something extra-big and warm on the sofa because it comes in twin, queen, and king sizes. Furthermore, it has a rating of 4.6 stars overall and more than 4,000 five-star ratings.

Legends Luxury Egyptian Cotton Blanket

A decent summer blanket is not just necessary in the bedroom! A perfectly balanced couch and a blanket that can be dropped to the floor are also required. This is where the mix of soft TENCEL lyocell and recycled polyester comes in. It also works as a picnic spread since it is embroidered with swooping round stitches and available in the colors orange, brown, shadow (a dark charcoal), and plantain.

Editor’s Pick: A Cooling Comforter For Those Who Prefer A Thicker Blanket

This ethereal blanket is breathable and temperature-regulating thanks to its use of lyocell, a fiber generated entirely from eucalyptus. Cristina Sanza, editor of TZR, has also tried, tested, and appreciated it, saying, “Even though I sleep hot, I can’t feel comfortable without a fluffy blanket. I’m so taken with the Buffy comforter because of this. I can sleep easily all year long since it provides the ideal amount of weight without making me feel overheated.

Additionally, according to the Buffy brand, the eucalyptus used to manufacture this blanket requires 10 times less water than cotton and was sourced from sustainable forests. This blanket has a cool-touch fabric that makes your entire bed feel like the cool side of the pillow and is also a reasonably eco-friendly option.

Cumulus Lightweight Comforter

This SlumberCloud comforter features a silky cotton fabric and polyester fill that has been treated with ClimaDry technology to keep you cozy and at a consistent body temperature all night. There are corner loop ties available if you wish to hold a duvet cover in place, and for the greatest effects, we advise using a cooling cover. For the most comfortable, cool sleep, our Textiles Lab specialists concur that the lightweight alternative is preferable.

A Tencel Lyocell Quilt With High Design Points

Zaroff suggests Tencel lyocell, a silky and resilient textile made from tree cellulose that is gentle and breathable by nature. However, this lyocell-based jacquard bedspread isn’t simply functional—it also has a ton of design cred. You may select from delicate needlework in teal and beige, teal and faded red, or the gray blanket seen above, which has beautiful stitching in a bright lemon yellow.

Brooklinen Lightweight Down Comforter

You may rest assured (literally) that you won’t overheat because Brooklinen particularly designed this blanket for hot sleepers and warmer locations. It has 600 fill-power down inside, making it fluffy but breathable. There is nothing worse than a lumpy bedspread, therefore the baffle box architecture makes sure that the down is dispersed equally no matter how often you flip and toss.

A Weighted Blanket That’s Both Cool & Comforting

This 100 percent cotton weighted blanket has a glass bead filling that feels like a hug but doesn’t restrict ventilation, combining a soothing weight with a cooling substance. Although the blanket itself cannot be washed, it comes with a soft and breathable bamboo cover that is easily machine washable and dried.

This weighted blanket is a great alternative for summer because it comes in a variety of weight levels and has a helpful chart to guide your selection. “This weighted blanket hugs you just nicely and the material is soft and breathable,” one Amazon user said. I tend to get overheated easily, and the bamboo really keeps me cooler. You may select from 10 various sizes and weights in addition to the 60 by 80-inch, 15-pound blanket shown here.

Linen Quilt

A cool, airy blanket that nonetheless feels soft and cuddly is essential for all hot sleepers. The quilt made of Brooklinen linen will do. The fill is polyester and is made of long-staple, extra-soft linen fibers for breathable insulation. Both Full/Queen and King/Cali King sizes come in three colours. Given the generous 365-day return policy offered by Brooklinen, there is no risk in testing this linen blanket out for yourself.

An Airy Gauze Blanket That’s So Cloud-Like

The most light-weight, airy weave possible is combined with the luxurious, crisp percale cotton that Moltrasio enjoys in this gauze blanket. The washed, crinkly fabric, which is made of three layers of 100% cotton gauze, has a lived-in quality that will almost tempt you to take naps. Cotton percale is used to make the reverse side. Polyester is used to fill the interior of the blanket, which can aid in wicking away perspiration on particularly warm nights. It also comes in entrancing hues like storm cloud gray and powder blue.

A Jersey Blanket That Will Remind You Of Your Favorite Sweatshirt

This dual-texture blanket has a medium weight GSM of 280 and is made of airy jersey knit on one side and soft fleece on the other for when a cool breeze blows through. I slept like a baby under this blanket, even on hot summer evenings, despite the fact that it is made of polyester and is moisture-wicking. This blanket can also be machine cleaned and dried, making maintenance simple.

Sleepsmart 37.5 Basketweave Blanket

If you enjoy the softness of cotton sheets, this blanket combines it with the functionality of 37.5 technology. This blanket will feel wonderful since it is made of 80% cotton and 20% 37.5 performance polyester yarns. Once your body begins to warm up, the 37.5 technology will retain heat, preventing variations in body temperature. This blanket combines a basketweave pattern and a traditional appearance with contemporary functionality.

A Cotton-Linen Bedspread That Gets Softer Over Time

Moltrasio’s two suggestions for summer sleeping—cotton percale and linen—are combined in this thin bedding. The knife-edge hem of the cotton-linen blanket gives it a sleeker, more minimalist appearance, and a thin layer of polyester below helps it absorb moisture. This is an investment that will pay off in the long term since, like all linen, it grows softer with each wash. It comes in subdued shades like pink, rose, and indigo.

A Simple, Textured Cotton Blanket

The smooth, long-staple fibers used to create this lovely blanket are 100% cotton, and it has a medium-weight GSM of 350. A touch of visual interest is provided by the delicate herringbone weave, which is also machine washable. More than a dozen neutral and pastel hues, such as sage green, light blue, beige, and gray, are available for selection. The blanket is also offered in a waffle weave pattern in addition to the herringbone pattern that is seen above.

BlanQuil Chill – Cooling Weighted Blanket W/ Removable Cover

Many swear by the advantages of weighted blankets for lowering tension and promoting speedier sleep, but many are concerned that the extra weight may result in increased heat. The cooling weighted blanket from BlanQuil feels cool to the touch and provides immediate cooling.

Weighted glass beads, which some reviewers noted may shift with usage but are simple to redistribute, are used to make this blanket. The detachable cover makes it simple to launder, keeping the blanket fresh from night to night. Many people swear by sleeping with this blanket every night.

Sleep Number Plush Blanket

Want your blanket to feel a little bit like a stuffed animal, but don’t want to be suffocated by bulky covers? This soft blanket meets the bill and has a fake suede accent for a refined, polished look.

A Cult-Favorite Blanket That Boasts Cooling Technology

This summer blanket uses polyester and jade particles for a more high-tech solution to wick away heat and keep you cool. It is supported by a 4.5-star rating overall after more than 17,000 Amazon reviews and is available in a variety of striped designs and solid colors to fit your environment. This blanket may be machine washed, but it is advised to put it in a washing bag. If you’re searching for a blanket that is “as wonderful as the chilly side of your pillow,” this is it, claims one Amazon reviewer.

A Plush Polyester Blanket That Wicks Sweat

If you typically wake up sweaty and stuck to the sheets, this plush polyester blanket could be the solution for you. It is soft and can be easily layered when the night is cooler than anticipated, but on its own, it offers a sufficient covering to keep you warm throughout the night.

The Buffy Breeze

Each Buffy Breeze is constructed of eucalyptus taken from regenerating forests and stitched together using only recycled thread. Oh, and there are no leftovers from the production process. Anyone who frequently wakes up sweaty is the perfect candidate for this blanket, as the name suggests (like our reviewer). She says it lives up to its reputation, and there are over 3,000 good reviews.

A Summer Blanket With A Casual, Coastal Feel

This light throw blanket is ideal for adding texture to your bed or for summertime Netflix marathons on the couch. It has lots of airflow since it is comprised of four thin layers of 100% woven muslin cotton. It also comes in a six-layer variant and a size that is suitable for babies. It may also be machine washed.

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