Mailbox Decoration Ideas

These mailbox decoration suggestions come in a wide variety of setup and construction styles. By visiting a home improvement store, purchasing a mailbox off the shelf, building a planter, or adding a lattice for climbing plants, many of these ideas may be quickly put together. Some of them require the assistance of a contractor since they are more difficult for the typical homeowner to assemble. These are metal and stone showpiece mailboxes.

A colorful pattern or a fresh coat of paint may be used to quickly enhance visual appeal. Try putting an adhesive pattern to the interior of your mailbox like wallpaper for a surprising touch. Every time the box is opened, the design makes your mail carrier grin and adds a splash of color. Your property will stand out from the rest on your neighborhood with the aid of these mailbox decoration ideas.

Ensure that the mailman can reach the mailbox! If your location is on a driving route, the mailman in the delivery vehicle must be able to simply extend his arm to place your letters in the box before moving on to the next residence. There are restrictions on where your mailbox may be placed in many communities. Every letter courier will be grateful to you!

Delightful Decal

This mailbox was instantly made more interesting by adding a monogram sticker and some new paint. For a coordinating appearance, the homeowner decided to paint her mailbox the same shade of paint as her front door.

Rustic Bicycle Mailbox

Do you keep an old bicycle in a storage unit? It may be the bike your kids rode before they left for college, or maybe you used to ride but now you’re too busy. happy news It is not necessary for it to be abandoned or donated as scrap anymore.

Bring it out to receive the most value possible for your money. In your front yard, position the bicycle so that it is standing upright while you attach the mailbox to the rear of it. Make sure the mailbox is painted a noticeable color so people can find it. The bicycle can also be put within a square planter.


Any front yard would benefit from the addition of flowers. Decorative flowers are low-maintenance investments that pay off handsomely by enhancing the curb appeal of your front yard. Anyone who enjoys gardening need to think about installing this mailbox, which is set up in a sizable planter with just enough room for your preferred annual or perennial flower. Moreover, you are benefiting the environment by enhancing your outside space with additional plants. Flowers not only assist to clean the air, but they also give bees, an endangered species, a source of food.

Sassy Stripes

Who says a splash of pink can’t be seen in your mailbox? Would you mind some adorable pink and white stripes? This mailbox received a cute (and inexpensive) makeover with some spray paint. On snowy days, the box now truly pops!

Modern Stone Covered Mailbox

When it comes to aesthetics, stone is a material you can’t go wrong with. Some spaces naturally appear aged and may make yours look sophisticated and classy. Natural stone’s high price is typically a drawback, but in this instance, where it will be used to construct a little vertical construction, it shouldn’t be a major issue. If you want to draw even more attention to your mailbox post, you may choose to mount a lamp on the column top. This will make it stand out from the other residences.

Garden Style

Another gardening opportunity is offered by this mailbox, but this time it’s for tall plants and vines. Making this unusual mailbox holder will need some carpentry expertise, however you may alternatively hire a carpenter to do it for you. There is a place for plants at the bottom of the mailbox holder in addition to the wall for vines to grow upon.

Cheerful Yellow

Another warm and cheerful hue that is ideal for a mailbox is yellow. Choosing a color for your mailbox might be a happy medium if you love it but wouldn’t feel comfortable placing it on your front door.

Whimsical Trellis-attached Mailbox

One of the simplest ways to enhance a space or object is with flowers. It might be wise to include a floral arrangement in this situation. It will fit in nicely, especially if your front yard has a garden or a grass. You may grow blooming vines and other climbing plants by attaching your mailbox post to a trellis. Make them a variety of vibrant flowers, or if you already have a lot going on, go with just one hue. You may make the trellis as big or as thin as you like. Start with a task that you are accustomed to performing.

Sleek and Contemporary

You need a mailbox that matches your modern home if you have one. But what if the design of your home is a mix between modern and traditional? When that happens, you should have a peek at this modern mailbox. This distinctive mailbox blends a sleek modernist design with traditional white wood in a sleek, glossy manner. A real head-turner, no doubt!

Plant Party

Installing flower pots next to your mailbox will brighten your day and the postal worker’s. This arrangement includes a plant stand that the homeowner bought at a yard sale and fits nicely over the mailbox.

Red Brick Mailbox Post

Brick is always stunning when used as a construction material. It will always be in vogue. This is the best choice for you if you want a mailbox post that you don’t need to modify with the seasons. Additionally, it is resilient and weather-resistant. Red brick and whitewashed brick are your options.

Stone Mailbox

Here’s a quick method to dress up a mailbox that rests on an unremarkable piece of wood! You may give the mailbox new life without completely replacing it by covering the wooden stake with fake bricks that you can get at any hardware shop. What’s best? You don’t even have to be an especially talented person or a skilled bricklayer. This is a simple task that may be finished in a day or over the weekend.

Crafty Touches

You can always get creative with numbers if you own a Cricut machine. This mailbox has traditional copper paint and vinyl cutout digits.

Black and White Mailbox Post with Planter Box

The utilization of a black-and-white color scheme is timeless. This is a fantastic concept to try out if that is the overall décor style of your home. You may paint the post white and the mailbox black, or the other way around. This design is basic and understated. You might add a bright accent, such as a planter box, if it looks a little too plain for your taste. It is best to have the blooms all the same hue.

Shiny Copper

In the latter part of the 2010s and the beginning of the 2020s, metallic hues were very trendy, therefore it’s about time this trend extended to mailboxes. But did you know that you can use spray paint to turn any ordinary mailbox into a metallic mailbox before you go out and spend a lot of money on a silver or rose gold mailbox? You’re okay to proceed as long as you adhere to the recommended procedures for spray painting, which include painting outside and using a mask if required.

Coastal Flair

Given its seaside Florida setting, the white mailbox’s use of rope gives it a slight coastal flair. Never be scared to get decorating inspiration from the natural surrounds of your house!

Ombre Colored Mailbox

It’s a good idea to add a splash of color to your front yard, especially if the color of your house is on the bland side. Your mailbox and mailbox post are a simple tool you may utilize for that. When your mailbox is painted in an ombre pattern, it looks much nicer than when it is simply one color. It gives it a more fashionable appearance, which enhances your reputation as a homeowner.


Do you have any experience with MCM-inspired furniture and accessories? Mid-century modern may be more familiar to you than its abbreviation, MCM. You would also be mistaken if you assumed that mid-century modern exclusively applied to furniture and home decor. We provide you the mailbox from the mid-century modern era. The ideal accent to any fashionable home!

Funky Lining

Would you believe that this mailbox renovation only cost $10? You may take on a DIY project that will significantly freshen up your front stoop for less than the cost of your preferred to-go salad. This joyful, yellow mailbox’s interior is lined with donut craft paper, which also makes us feel wonderful.

Mission Style Mailbox with Hanging Planter

The focus of mission-style furniture and accessories is on horizontal and vertical lines, and it has been around for a while. It is substantial and built to last. It is a very straightforward design that makes upgrading your mailbox post simple yet appealing. By using this kind of post, you may make your mailbox look more appealing.

Miniature House

Hear us out: why not construct a small replica of your home that can receive mail in place of a mailbox in your front yard? Even while it can seem gimmicky, if done well, it will have onlookers “oohing” and “aahing.” You might be able to create a painting of your house yourself if you have creative talent. If not, you may hire a skilled local artist who would be delighted to do it! Here is an illustration of how this mailbox may seem, however it would obviously look different if you decide to decorate it to fit your home.

Sweet Creatures

Make your mailbox a unique reflection of your playful personality. Here, an octopus-shaped design transforms a boring white mailbox into something fun!

Granite Mailbox Post

A granite mailbox post is a sturdy building that will endure for a very long time—possibly longer than the home. It is frequently used for outside constructions, both functionally and aesthetically. It has a glossy look, can tolerate harsh weather, and is scratch-resistant. It requires little upkeep and doesn’t require painting.

Stucco Mailbox

In the field of building construction, stucco occasionally receives a poor rap. But we’re here to tell that this attitude is unwarranted because stucco is not only a cheap building material, but if used properly, it can also have a subtle, refined appearance. This enormous mailbox, which is built of stucco, is ideal for big houses with roads large enough to hold a larger mailbox.

Subtle Details

If you like a more classic look, a personalized mailbox could be for you. We previously saw one with a decal placed directly on the front flap, but if you’d like, you could easily put your last initial on the side of your mailbox. The gold gives the design a subtle yet elegant touch.

Wood and Iron Mailbox

A wooden mailbox post with an iron accent has a really retro appearance. This is one of the mailbox post ideas you may use if you enjoy vintage items or live in a historic building. It won’t seem out of place. Unless you’re into constructing or creating furniture, it’s not a DIY project.

Thank You, Mail Carrier

Every day, our mail carriers put in a lot of effort for us! There is no doubting that working as a postal delivery professional requires a lot of effort, from walking tens of thousands of steps every day to delivering letters adverse weather.

While there are some things we can all do to make their day better, such as waving at them as they pass by and sending them cards and gifts during the holiday season, there are other unique methods to express your gratitude to your postal carrier that might be a little out of the ordinary.

As an illustration, we adore the concept of painting a little thank-you note on the inside of your mailbox. These types of little gestures have the power to make someone else’s day.

Shiplap Style Mailbox

Wooden mailbox posts are common, although wooden mailboxes constructed from shiplap-style wood are less common. The shiplap wood will have an attractive and fashionable finish with a dark stain. Even your house number may be added to it to make it more practical in addition to being aesthetically pleasing.

Branches and Birds

Two of the most beautiful representations of nature that exist are tree branches and birds. Although you could paint a lovely picture of birds or trees on your mailbox, it would be even prettier if you did some simple ironwork to turn your mailbox into a work of beauty. If you don’t feel like taking on a DIY project, you might be able to acquire a mailbox similar to this one from a high-end gift store or local artisan market.

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