Unique Shelves Ideas

You don’t have to have uninteresting shelves. DIY shelves allow you to showcase your creativity and personality by transforming common household items into stunning displays.

Concept, positioning, and stability are essential components of a superb shelf. In order to prevent bumping into them, shelves must be out of the way but still accessible so that you may admire your ingenious design. Many inventive designs for shelving transform unused areas into practical and reachable storage.

Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves

I adore it when a modern-styled space includes a few rustic additions. Particularly when contrasted with the generally neat and precise finishes seen in this case, these reclaimed wood floating shelves are an excellent illustration of that.

Unused wooden planks are pretty simple to locate if you don’t already have some, and you can probably get some by asking friends and relatives. I like the size of the shelves in this illustration since they are big enough to house a lot of items without taking up the entire wall. You could always paint these to cover the exposed wood if you don’t like the way it looks.

Adorable Half Circle DIY Shelves

These circular shapes and pastel hues are a fantastic choice for a nursery since they are cute, pleasant, and straightforward. This floating exhibit is made with two painted wooden half circles and these shelves. Observe how one accent is positioned below the shelf to draw attention to a display item, while the second accent is positioned above the shelf.

Suited for Souvenirs

Vintage suitcases are ideal for displaying trip mementos and reading material on airplanes. Mount a small valise you already own, get a pair from a nearby thrift shop, or order from DoubleDeckerVintage on Etsy and use the time you saved building them to organize your next vacation.

Kids’ Books Shelving Ideas

These Kids Bookshelves are not only a fun way to dress up a wall, but they are also wonderfully useful, especially in a smaller space that could do without having a separate bookshelf in it. Kids’ book covers are often vibrant and vivid, so your young ones won’t have any problem selecting their bedtime reading.

Of course, this DIY may be used in a different area for adult literature, which would look nice. I would want to have a better way to exhibit my collection of beautiful coffee table books, and I believe I may have found it.

Chain Suspended Wooden Kitchen Shelves

Everything is firmly held together by these chains. In this reassuring family exhibit, modest shelves are made of stained wooden planks. A straightforward yet endearing setting is created by the white photo frames and ornate dishware standing out against the dark wood and metal. At the base of the shelves are a few white hooks that are ideal for hanging pot holders, mugs, or other kitchen necessities.

Get Off the Street and Onto the Walls

Make a shelf out of a worn-out skateboard to give it new life. Use L-brackets to secure the deck to the wall, like Tetiana at CapsBoardStore did, whether it has wheels or not. If your garage or basement isn’t filled with skateboards, you may purchase one at a nearby big-box store. Give a skateboard a fresh coat of paint if the design is something you don’t like.

Wine Box Shelving Ideas

I really like how versatile these wine box shelves are, therefore they have my vote. Your box collection might be as large or as little as you desired, taking up a sizable chunk of a wall or just a small corner.

You may use them functionally, storing books or dinnerware, for instance, or just decoratively, displaying personal mementos or filling the boxes with vases. Although this particular example is sitting on the floor since it was meant to hide a wall-mounted object, you could very simply mount these wine boxes onto the wall if you wanted to hang them.

Simple Hanging Industrial Metal Shelves

The blending of soft home decor with industrial components has a deliciously elegant quality. A vase of spring flowers stands out beautifully next to this set of metal shelves. Store modest, decorative things on slender shelves like these to give any space flair and charm. Make use of blank space to highlight particular elements.

Say Goodbye to Your Junk Drawer

When life provides you more drawers than you need—possibly a dresser you discovered on the side of the road—make a curio wall shelf out of the extras like this one, which we found at Madjda L’s Etsy shop. To give the drawers some individuality, line the bottoms with any remaining wallpaper before hanging the drawers on the wall.

Copper Pipe Shelves

I can’t get over how stylish these Copper Pope Shelves are. Even though they are relatively little, they are really attractive and may be the ideal focal point, especially in a space with only one color.

These may be used everywhere in the house because they are so little and simple to install, whether it be as a place to put a small succulent on show in the living room or as a convenient spot to put your keys just inside the front door. You could use any color piping and coasters, but I believe the copper is more attractive and exudes an ultra-chic industrial atmosphere.

Bold Hallway Storage Shelving Ideas

Have you ever considered a solution for the little area at the end of the hallway? That open area is now used for storage thanks to these broad shelves. The hallway’s vibrant colors are clearly distinguished from the wooden grain. Use them to hold everything you might need to grab on your way into or out of the bedroom, including linens, toys, books, and other items.

From Shoes to Shelf

Do you need one more excuse to buy shoes? These boxes come in helpful for a variety of storage solutions. Pick sturdy boxes without bent corners or thin cardboard to transform them into shelves, and then embellish them with paint or scrapbook paper. Finally, fasten the boxes to the wall using nails. Voila! a low-cost method of displaying your trinkets.

Wood and Leather Suspended Shelf

Even though it’s so easy to do, this DIY results in a gorgeous shelf. Although the soft light wood and gentle pink leather used in this example might be changed to match the room in which you were hanging this shelf, I believe they look great together.

It would probably be best to avoid putting too many large objects on this Wood and Leather Suspended Shelf because the wood isn’t actually bonded to the leather. Personally, I don’t mind at all because I enjoy the shelf’s design so much that I would like to use it as a more decorative item, topped with an antique camera and some flowers as in this illustration.

Floating Shelves with Wooden Block Bookends

These wooden blocks appear to be poised to topple over, yet they actually offer crucial support. This design uses contrast and aesthetic intrigue by utilizing the many lovely hues of natural wood. Just a couple of your favorite paperbacks can fit on each shelf. It everything appears to have been linked together thanks to a lovely rope tassel.

Reach a High Note

The second life of this damaged guitar is beautiful in our eyes. An old guitar may be transformed into a ready-to-use shelf after having a hole cut out of the front and the finish sanded off, like these shelves from KidqweenyGoods. If you want to keep a CD collection or other items that aren’t linked to music, hang the instrument from a hook on the wall.

Rope Shelving Ideas

These Rope Shelves seem like something I would place in our garage or utility area because of the grey colored wood, metal accents, and expert-looking rope. Having said that, this DIY is so simple to complete that you could easily change the colors and materials to make it appear more attractive.

These shelves appear to be strong, which is crucial when dealing with many levels to reduce the possibility of an accident. Making them isn’t that difficult; all it takes is a little drilling and some traditional knot work.

Cute and Classic Triangle Corner Shelves

Not all shelves should be arranged in straight lines. With the help of these triangular shelves, a corner may now be used as an appealing showcase. These houseplants are beautifully highlighted by the play of shadows due to their location near the window. If your nook is dark, consider providing some light with a tiny ornamental lamp.

DIY This Crafty Supply

You probably have more than a few paint buckets laying around the garage from previous DIY projects if you’re a weekend DIY warrior. Put them to use as cubby shelves in a playground, nursery, or workplace by painting them with paint that is friendly to plastic, as shown on the home decor making site Ohoh deco.

Book Shelf

The fact that you couldn’t stack this book shelf with too many items is true, but I don’t think it really matters. If it served more as a decorative accent than a useful storage area, it wouldn’t take up much wall space, so you wouldn’t have to worry about feeling like you were wasting space. Finding hardback, antique editions of my favorite books would be my first choice if I were doing this myself, but you could also add some color by repairing any damaged covers with lovely patterned materials.

Simple Hanging Wooden Plank Shelf

All it takes to create useful and attractive storage in the area above a desk is a hook, a board, and a rope. Don’t be duped by these shelf suggestions; a wall mount can be found someplace. The rope has been carefully matched with a white planter to create an inside atmosphere that is sunny and pleasant.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Storage is elevated to new natural heights in this creative structure created by TheBirchHomeCo, which uses birch tree trimmings as an accent for wood shelves. The other three sides of this shelf, made of solid, smooth hardwood, provide solidity and structure to store your trinkets. What is the end consequence of mixing wooden planks with natural birch? a shelf with a cozy, rustic aesthetic that adds warmth to a space.

Fruit Slice Shelf

Fun and colorful, these fruit slice shelves would look great in a child’s room. Having said that, I am definitely thinking about hanging some of them up in my workplace since they would offer the ideal splash of color to the otherwise white space.

Making your own unique and amazing fruit types or picking fruits that go with your color scheme are also innovative ways to make fruit slices. With only two major components, they appear to be relatively simple to construct and would be a great last-minute solution to showcase things like potted plants or a few books.

Across the Window Plant Shelves

Sunlight must be plentiful for plants. A kitchen window becomes the ideal location for an indoor herb garden with the help of these DIY shelves. The color comes from the plants and the gorgeous foliage outside, and has been painted on shelves, plant pots, and window trim to match.

Gamer’s Choice

A set of shelves designed in the style of the addictive computer game Tetris may appeal to fans who are looking for a new way to outdo each other. You may make these out of plywood fast and easily; but, if you don’t want to take on the job yourself, you can always get them from WoodmadeCreation on Etsy. For a trendy and exciting outcome, use colors that go with your décor.

Hanging Shelves

The thin black thread and brass ring at the top of how these shelves are mounted strike me as being so modern and stylish. Although you would need to be careful when balancing anything on these Hanging Shelves, they would look stunning in any space if they were decorated with a few little ornaments or plants.

They are quite unassuming and straightforward in this example because of the light-colored wood used, but if you wished, you could play with with other colors. The wood could be painted simply, and your neighborhood craft store is probably well-stocked with chords in a variety of colors.

Clever Floating Block Shelf Display

This clever presentation casts a distinctive light on a ceramic collection. Nine identical bricks stick out from the wall like support beams. The resemblance of the objects and the positioning of the neighboring light source are the foundations of this presentation. A similar set-up might be used to display figurines or photo frames.

All Tied Up

Test your Boy Scout abilities by constructing a set of shelves that are held together and secured only by simple rope knots. We adore this design by Sensible Concepts because it allows for so many alternatives, including several knot variants and various rope kinds. Before filling your shelves with merchandise, be sure your knots are strong.

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